Love, Fashion & Valentine Wishes

Life is really a lot about love. We are  here to love and to be loved.

Valentine’s day is around the corner, lets talk about LOVE. If you ask me the real thoughts about Valentine’s day, I believe everyday should be Valentine’s day. Love is an emotion, it is the sweetest thing a living being comes across. Love between a mother and child, between man and woman, love for a teacher, love is that one important and strong feeling we all go through. That four letter word at once takes you through a journey which is magical and pure.

Now I want you guys to close your eyes and picture that one person you love, that person who loves you back unconditionally. That partner in your life who guides you home.  Feel the love ?

Why dont you make this special person feel special on this special day :)Lets get glamorous then. I am sure no girl would like to be under dressed on her date night. I have gathered up the best Valentine’s day outfits for you gals.



A perfect evening gown with sensuous textures can never go wrong when it comes to date nights. With a refined french knot or elegant curls will hit the perfect notes.

megha 12-02

Dress: codecollections by lifestyle

Photography: @jbn7( Jayanth Nayak)






Romantic and eccentric floral dress with plush colors will surely take his heart away. Glam it up with chic accessories and you are all set for the evening.

Screenshot_20180205-165506_01 (1)


Dress: @zara

Photography: @pik_a_shoot


Pair a pastel pink top with white flared pants for a stylish and elegant look.The golden necklace and turquoise pearl earrings add an extra oomph .



DSC_0065-01 (1)

TOP: @forevernew

PANTS: @zara

Photography: @jbn7(Jayanth Nayak)







Nothing beats the color red when it comes to Love. Red is very emotional and instantly catches the eye. Make a statement with a silky ruffle sleeve dress made even more romantic with a front tie up




Dress: Vanheusen

Photography: @jbn7( Jayanth Nayak)


So all you beauties bring on the champagne and the dancing shoes because these outfits will have your valentine head over heels.

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s day. Have the best date ever:)


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