You are what you wear!

IMG_0809                                                  YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR.

Take a moment and notice what you are wearing right now .  How many of you consciously got dressed ? Maybe you are a fashionista and wore the most trendy outfit or you just woke up and put on whatever was lying. While you did all this, have you realized that you are part of the most incredible world of FASHION.

This blog is about vintage dressing. If any of you guys have stepped out recently in search of vintage collections you will agree with me as to how challenging a task it is. When it comes to retro or vintage, what comes to your mind instantaneously? The 1950’s beauties Sharmila Tagore and Mala Sinha . I  have tried to create the same with a modern twist.

Why did I want to do this? I am sure not many are fans of retro, but believe me when you mix retro style with modern style it becomes very fashionable and classy. There is an absence of uniqueness in style today, everyone wants to wear and do the same thing. Retro is suddenly becoming a mediaspeak. The everlasting classics are  coming back with boat necks, frills, lace works, florals and puffs,polka dots and what not.




In this look I chose a saree because I feel that saree is one garment that is most flattering and always eternal. This is a kalamkari saree paired with a modern lace sleeveless top which I bought it from zara. Let me give you a brief .  Kalamkari actually means Pen Craft. Kalam as in pen and kari is for kraft. These are either hand printed or block printed, most of them depicting the stories of Mahabharata, Bhagvad Gita and Ramayana. The saree I am wearing has bold block prints of Buddha.

Make up as you know is not an easy job,unless you really know how to do it well or else you will end up having an uneven or cakey look. When it comes to retro makeup you think of a cat eyeliner and red bold lipstick.But as this was a fusion, we paired modern smokey eyes and pale pink lipstick with well contoured cheekbones and long false eyelashes. Hair tied back and the red roses gave the extra oomph. I must accept that back of my mind I always wanted to get a retro makeover and was inspired by the talent, creativity and  hardwork put in by one such artist KOWSHIGA ASHOKKUMAR. Please do check her work.CYMERA_20180120_155106

This whole look is charmingly old fashioned with modern touch which speaks out confidence. I would say you can flaunt this look at any occasion,and you are all set to be the headturner.


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Photography: The fantastic photos are captured perfectly by anilkumarfotography. Just check out his work,it speaks for itself.

Makeup and hair: Kowshiga ashokkumar.  She is on instgram as: hergrandeur

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