Historical Athens

IMG_20170829_114249-01Conflicts and contrasts define the city of Athens. Having said that it was a pleasure to see the ancient architecture advanced with luxury buildings,hotels and malls dotting the city. Athens, the capital city of Greece,is a place where people are coming to, from the different islands looking forward to newer opportunities to secure their future.

Most of the tourists come to Athens as a transit to other Greek aegean islands and of -course for its dominant role in history. Our trip to Greece also started from Athens. We traveled through Turkish airlines . Must say they were helpful with excellent onboard servics. Athens has an active transport system from buses and trams to metros and taxis. They also have connections to the airport. We chose to take a taxi from airport to our hotel The Athens Cypria. This hotel is centrally located within walking distance from all the historical sites and shopping areas with comfortable and clean rooms. Athens Cypria will definitely not disappoint you at all.


No visit to Athens would be complete without seeing the renowned UNESCO World Heritage site- The Acropolis/Parthenon. Although the walk is a task,the hill has a great view with rustic ruins and elegant architecture from the pre medieval period. The buildings were constructed in the 5th century B.C and we could currently see the restoration work carrying on. The Parthenon was a temple devoted to Goddess of the city- Athena. For those who would love to know more about its history can visit the huge Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. It houses most of the symbolic artifacts in Greece.  Most of the artifacts are recovered and painstakingly restored after the fires of the great wars destroyed themIMG_20170829_102506-01IMG_20170829_112911-01IMG-20170829-WA0049_01-01


Athen’s  is a chaotic city with streets lined with graffiti. But ,You see glimpses of ancient history everywhere. This place now seems to be in conflict with itself trying to retain its traditions plus keep itself the path for progress.


Shopping in Athens? You will find something here for everyone, from the  local flea markets to high end coutures. Taking a walk from Syntagma to Monastriraki you will be impressed with the display of talents from the  street artists and acrobats. This square gets its charm by evening bustling with people from different nations and the locals. This area seems to be the meeting point for all the youngsters in Athens. There are loads of roof top restaurants,cafes and bars here with stunning views of The Acropolis.

You can also take a pleasant short walk towards The Plaka which is known for its flea markets, hellenic houses and vintage lanes.


Are you a foodie ? Like every other city and place has its own swing for food, Greece is known for its Salads and the souvlakis. The taste of the real Greek salad in its purest form, the scrumptious Gyros,the souvlakis and the heavenly desserts are a must try. Leave behind the cappuccino and the espresso when you are in Greece, instead try the Greek coffee. It is a kind of flavor that will keep lingering in your mouth for a very long time.



Well if you are an enthusiast about history like I am, Athens has a lot to offer. You will not only leave this place with memories of its history and culture but also few kilos heavier on your weight. 



Please feel free to ask any questions if you have. Will reply back as soon as possible.

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