Historical Athens

IMG_20170829_114249-01Conflicts and contrasts define the city of Athens. Having said that it was a pleasure to see the ancient architecture advanced with luxury buildings,hotels and malls dotting the city. Athens, the capital city of Greece,is a place where people are coming to, from the different islands looking forward to newer opportunities to secure their future.

Most of the tourists come to Athens as a transit to other Greek aegean islands and of -course for its dominant role in history. Our trip to Greece also started from Athens. We traveled through Turkish airlines . Must say they were helpful with excellent onboard servics. Athens has an active transport system from buses and trams to metros and taxis. They also have connections to the airport. We chose to take a taxi from airport to our hotel The Athens Cypria. This hotel is centrally located within walking distance from all the historical sites and shopping areas with comfortable and clean rooms. Athens Cypria will definitely not disappoint you at all.


No visit to Athens would be complete without seeing the renowned UNESCO World Heritage site- The Acropolis/Parthenon. Although the walk is a task,the hill has a great view with rustic ruins and elegant architecture from the pre medieval period. The buildings were constructed in the 5th century B.C and we could currently see the restoration work carrying on. The Parthenon was a temple devoted to Goddess of the city- Athena. For those who would love to know more about its history can visit the huge Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. It houses most of the symbolic artifacts in Greece.  Most of the artifacts are recovered and painstakingly restored after the fires of the great wars destroyed themIMG_20170829_102506-01IMG_20170829_112911-01IMG-20170829-WA0049_01-01


Athen’s  is a chaotic city with streets lined with graffiti. But ,You see glimpses of ancient history everywhere. This place now seems to be in conflict with itself trying to retain its traditions plus keep itself the path for progress.


Shopping in Athens? You will find something here for everyone, from the  local flea markets to high end coutures. Taking a walk from Syntagma to Monastriraki you will be impressed with the display of talents from the  street artists and acrobats. This square gets its charm by evening bustling with people from different nations and the locals. This area seems to be the meeting point for all the youngsters in Athens. There are loads of roof top restaurants,cafes and bars here with stunning views of The Acropolis.

You can also take a pleasant short walk towards The Plaka which is known for its flea markets, hellenic houses and vintage lanes.


Are you a foodie ? Like every other city and place has its own swing for food, Greece is known for its Salads and the souvlakis. The taste of the real Greek salad in its purest form, the scrumptious Gyros,the souvlakis and the heavenly desserts are a must try. Leave behind the cappuccino and the espresso when you are in Greece, instead try the Greek coffee. It is a kind of flavor that will keep lingering in your mouth for a very long time.



Well if you are an enthusiast about history like I am, Athens has a lot to offer. You will not only leave this place with memories of its history and culture but also few kilos heavier on your weight. 



Please feel free to ask any questions if you have. Will reply back as soon as possible.

Rule in red this party season.


IMG_9197With Christmas and many parties coming up, its time to find suitable dresses for all the occasions. And I thought it would be an excellent reason to make this month’s “themeghalook” about party wear.

December is the month of getting social. Meeting family and loved ones, Christmas gifts, planning your new year’s eve. Oh yeah its never too late to start deciding what you are going to wear to all the events. I know its one difficult task and I often put it off until the very last minute, but not this time, my outfit is all ready :). This is a dress I spotted last week when I was window shopping. I saw the dress,put it on and just fell in love with it. Its ideal for all who want to be simple and basic this year.


Red in particular is always the color for all party wears. And I genuinely feel this dress will look good on anybody, a perfect one which can be worn conveniently for any kind of events. The brilliant red speaks fashion and modesty with its pattern and curves, the perfect tie at the waist to fit right giving a more sexier look, the simple work on the neckline and the stylish flow. I feel this is a dress that brings the best in you and I guess that is what every woman seeks for.



I totally fashioned it right by pairing it with nude sandals to have the spotlight on the dress. You can also make a statement by styling it with bright and heavy ethnic necklace and ear rings like I have done for the chic look. See how a necklace can change the entire look of an outfit. Keep the makeup very simple and elegant and you are set to have all the eyes on you.


Outfit- AND

You can buy it online or outlets near by.

Nude sandals – Koovs.

Photography by anilkumarfotography.  Reach out to him if you need some great photos taken of you & your friends or loved ones


Will be posting a new look everyweek , hope this helps you prepare for this new year’s eve 😉


Glowing skin in minutes- Kiehls

When it comes to skin, you always want to be cautious about what you apply and how it would react.Masques have always been the finest way to get rid of problems like acne or any skin related issues

On my search for good masques which can brighten my dull and tanned skin,I stumbled upon this amazing one by KIEHLS.

KIEHL’S TURMERIC & CRANBERRY SEED ENERGISING RADIANCE MASQUE is infused with natural ingredients and it comes in a small cute orange jar. Guys trust me on this it gives you an instant even and radiant skin tone in few minutes. If you are heading for a party, weddings and looking for glowing skin, this is the perfect one, and when it comes from a trusted brand you do not have to think twice.

This is a great mask for all skin types. As you all know turmeric is widely known for its antioxidant properties, brightens your skin and while the cranberry seed extract exfoliates removing the dead skin.


  • Apply this thick creamy product on a damp skin and allow to dry for 10-15mins.
  • Afterwards,it stiffens and gets a yellow orangish tinge
  • Wash it with luke warm water, thereafter the mixture gets soft
  • Gently exfoliate with cranberry seeds. The best part is that the cranberry seeds are very mild and does not irritate the skin.

The smell is very mild and refreshing. I have been using this product since 2 months now, probably once or sometimes twice a week and my skin is actually 2 shades brighter. All my friends want this product as well after seeing the good results on me.

So have I actually found the right product for glowing skin? Well I guess Iam atleast a step closer to it..So guys this product is easily available online kiehls.com or stores near you. I got mine from nyka.com. Go grab yours and I promise you will be glad you did 🙂

                                       HAPPY GLOWING 🙂


Storytelling about Santorini

santorini meghaAfter 15 days of incredible holiday in Greece, getting back to everyday life was no easy. There was extreme fun,laughter and friendship. But I also realized every time I return from a holiday, it always made me so dynamic,cheerful and positive. I guess travelling opens you to various forms and attitude towards life.

Santorini was on my wish list for many years. I am sure on everybody’s as well and why not. It is in deed such a breathtaking place.



santorini megha (2)santorini megha 2


This island is all about beauty. Known for its royal blue sea, white washed buildings with blue domes,mountains, stunning views and romance. When I write this, my heart is till beating with the rhythm of excitement and euphoria. I had heard about it and seeing it in person was something spectacular and dream come true. I can recollect, when I told a friend of mine about my travel to santorini ,she at once showed me her mobile phone screen saver. And I see a perfect picture of santorini.

Santorini was the last destination on our travel itinerary. After experiencing a week of crazy parties and beach life, this island was more relaxing which we were looking forward to. We stayed at the sunrise studios on the beach of kamari which is beyond wonderful if you are looking for a studio with luxury. From there we would walk right into the beach,restaurants and shopping streets.



santorini megha1

To watch the eminent sunset in Santorini we had to drive to Oia, another scenic town.  Weather being warm and humid I slipped into this black off shoulder dress from FOREVER21 and I guess I made a good choice as it was perfect for exploring around Oia. Also inaugurated this new black sunnies which I picked up in Athens. So this cute little town is built on the slope of the caldera, bustling with people,cliff side cafes and restaurants with spectacular view of the sea and street shops. You can easily spend a day straying around the streets.If you are looking for souvenirs and gifts to take back home, you can do it here and a twilight zone for amazing pictures.




The delicate whites and burst of blue will always remain in your mind wanting you to go back again and again.



Santorini recommendations:

  • Eat Greek salads- Crisp and refreshing. Try the Gyros and Greek coffee as well.
  • If you are someone who loves adventures. You can do scuba diving. Check volcano Dive center, they are really good.
  • Sunscreen is a must or else be prepared to get tanned.
  • Shopping is good in Fira. There are lot of cute antique jewelry shops.
  • If your palate is in the mood for spicy Indian and Chinese food, try these Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant and Kiwi Restaurant.
  • Sunset at Oia can get very crowded so get sewed up for the wait and the selfie sticks.

Okay, I think thats about it. For those who are planning a trip to santorini, I hope this blog was helpful, I am sure you will have the best time ever.

If you guys have any more questions please do leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





Jump it up with a jumpsuit

jumpsuit loveIn this glamorous world of fashion and changing trends, Jumpsuit is one outfit which is always in style and form since Elvis Presley.

I was always very skeptical of wearing one, but let me tell you jumpsuits are the most comfortable and versatile clothing . A fashion attire which can be worn for a chic party when paired with elegant accessories and classy stilettos or as a street style clothing when you are out shopping with friends.

I picked up this basic jumpsuit from Athens, Greece last month and is an excellent solution when all you hunt in a clothing is style and comfort. I love the color and the fabric is very delicate and easy. I have paired it with  mustard shoes from zara, to give more contrast and feminine look. A pair of white sneakers would also look positive if looking for a more street fashion.


love for jumpsuit





The glamour mom


For nine months you will be carrying a cute little life inside you,embracing, nourishing and praying anxiously. Being a mother means going through all the bodily changes,mood swings,heart burns and exhaustion…. but loving every bit of it. It is a moment to be proud that changes your life forever.

The result of child bearing would certainly mean some weight gain and body differences. Losing weight should not be the foremost concern after your pregnancy. But you mommies, just do not sit there and use pregnancy as an excuse to let yourself go easy . Attend to your baby’s needs first and also monitor your body. Take your time and do not rush yourself.

Meanwhile, till you get back into those sexy jeans and body-con dresses, a few mom- friendly tips to dress your baby bump and those extra pounds, will help get going. Inspire your family and friends who also need help in this department.

         Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it

  •  Smarten yourself up in one color from head to toe. This makes your look very  composed  and covers up all your bulges. 



  • Most women try to hide their bump with too many things, do not layer your clothes.This will make you look even more sloppy and bulky. Just wear jackets if you want a professional look or simple wraps, kimonos, cardigans, ponchos. Style it with various additions like a cool pair of sunglasses and trendy handbag.



  • Wear straight cut kurtas or tunics, to give you an elegant look and you will also feel very comfortable. You can pair it with a stretchy yoga pant or your maternity denims.



  • If you love to wear skrits, try with flared ones. This evens out your size, particularly along the end of pregnancy when your belly is big.



  • Horizontal strips will camouflage your big belly and accentuate your curves.



  • If you want to show some skin, go for slit dresses or skirts. This will help with free movement as well as giving you a convenience to flaunt your legs.




  • Sneak into your partner’s wardrobe and flick his over sized button-ups. The billowing material will devote your belly. Roll up the sleeves for that stylish look and when your belly is too big wear your button up open over a cool t-shirt. To make it more feminine, you can accessorize it with nice set of oxidized or gold bangles or a long chain.



  •  Why not a bohemian dress? Accessorized with minimal jewellery. You will feel as fine as a may day queen -light and sexy.




  • Fetch for belt dresses or tops. Wear the belt just above the belly. This look is very adaptable and transformable. Style it with a cool pair of flats and oversized sunglasses.



  • Stretch for pencil skirts with non fitting shirts. Pair them with sneakers and a neutral bag to impact your overall look.




  • Pamper yourself with a nice and relaxing hair spas, pedicures and manicures.  Most women have hairfall during pregnancy,hair spa helps to nourish and strengthen your hair and stabilize the extra oil secretions during this time.
  • There is no need to do a full face makeup, as you are already glowing with pregnancy and your hormones acting up. Three basic requirements like mascara, lip gloss and moisturizer will help you get going. For acne prone moms,concealer will definitely help camouflage those scars. 
  • Last but not the least, do not forget to pose for those gorgeous photos with glamorous outfits.

So, ladies its not about what size you wear, its about how you wear your sizes. Do not be afraid to show off those curves. Life is too short to wear dull and lifeless clothes.

Dress shabbily & they remember the dress; dress impeccably & they remember the   woman                                                                                                                                                            – coco chanel

Saree and me!

Known for its tradition,ethics and rich cultural heritage, South India is the spiritual home for sarees which has forever been an integral part of Indian fashion.Through the ages,trends have come and gone, fashion is always evolving, yet the saree remains the favoured apparel of the Indian woman.  

And why should it not be? This six yard long garment is one of the most versatile ways of expressing feminism and personality,unlocking a myriad of possibilities in draping styles,adapting to the shape of any individual seamlessly. 


Sarees always add that special graceful touch whatever the occasion may be. You might not guess from looking at all the pictures in this blog that I’m actually not very comfortable wearing sarees. I always have to run for help to drape it in the right way, but there is always some sort of joy and happiness when I’m in one. And no matter how accustomed you are ,there always seems to be better ways of draping a saree, but then again I suppose that is part of timeless charm


saree me

Throughout India’s illustrious past, Silk has been associated with royalty and opulence. My mom was always very fond of silk sarees because of its contrast,fine texture and refinement, and her huge collection reflects that perfectly. Having seen her in sarees since I was a child, I did not even think twice before deciding to go with a traditional saree for my cousin’s wedding which I attended last month. I usually prefer to mix match the blouse with contrast colors,embroideries and variations to make it a little more stylish and distinctive.

IMG_0724                      IMG_0691       IMG_20170502_215614_140


And what can be more exquisite than the combination of a silk saree and antique jewellery? With the temple necklace,jhumkas and bangles adding that authentic South Indian touch, the look was complete.

IMG_0715         IMG_0588

Without a doubt, an Indian women’s wardrobe will always feel empty without the elegance and sophistication of the evergreen saree!

Best Boutique hotel- Goa

Shanti Morada- Home of happiness. The name says it all, a destination characterized by blissful experiences and the luxuries of peace and tranquility.

Located in a quiet,serene neighborhood of North Goa,this beautiful vintage hotel is surrounded by grand houses creating a calm setting.

IMG_20170413_141639 (1)

Goa has its fair share of boutique hotels,but Shanti Morada stands out from the circle for its exquisite architecture,poised ambience and fresh decor. Built in 1897, but meticulously modernized and refurbished adopting to authentic design and traditional decor. 

             IMG_20170413_141631 (1)  IMG_20170413_141434



Vibrant colors greet you as you enter the reception,complemented by a welcoming decor and intricate design . There is plenty to look at, from owner’s private cigar collection to fabulous antiques,curios,sculptures and opulent chandeliers.

For all the shutterbugs out there, trust me when I tell you that Shanti Morada is a paradise, with just a hint of extravagance in its every aspect making this place perfect for those timeless photographs.


          IMG_20170412_204555                    IMG_20170410_091612     IMG_20170413_141659

‘Lavish’ is the first word that comes to mind the moment you set foot in the rooms. The fine linen,elegant furnishings,cosy beds and spacious bathrooms make you wish you could stay forever,with the sound of water from the poolside adding to the soothing vibe.To top it all,the hotel is environment friendly with ozonated and chlorine free swimming pool to promote wellbeing.

Last but definitely not least, the service of the staff is yet another highlight.Never putting a foot wrong, everyone is always ready to make your stay more special with their friendly smiles and thoughtful gestures. 



IMG-20170411-WA0017                                        IMG_20170411_145340


So, to sum up my experience at Shanti Morada, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised,not only by the luxuries and the impeccable services but also by how the relaxing environment made me feel at home,giving me a much needed opportunity to unwind an step away from the day to day life for a little while.


Travel In Style- Eastern Europe

Hey People!

This is my first blog and it all says about my Eastern Europe holiday.

Me, being a Government Officer’s daughter, have traveled quite a bit as my dad would get transferred to new places often. I had the privilege of staying in beautiful, colossal houses, inspection bunglows and circuit houses and thats where I developed the love for seeing new places.

Every city,town and places I have navigated, have learnt a lot about different culture,traditions,habits and lifestyle. Every city had something unique to offer.cropped-img_05511.jpg

So,this Europe trip happened in June 2016 along with my dear husband and my close friends and must say it was one memorable experience. We covered places from beautiful Budapest to picturistic Vienna, romantic Prague to fascinating Salzburg. And all I could say was “MESMERIZING”

I have walked the whole of my trip,and I never got drained or distressed. The cobblestone streets, musical lanes, lovely canals,adorable antique and coffee shops were all overwhelming.You will see a hint of romance in every street you pass by.

220cf-img_0589        img_0107         dsc_0108

The untouched beauty of Europe truly calls me back to experience more of its beauty and vibrant art.


And also let me pen down about my clothes and accessories as well, because I have used most of my clinic time getting the right outfit to wear 🙂 The day my tickets were confirmed, I went crazy over the different looks Iam going to try, from airport look to the last day of my holiday ;). I just dint want to travel, I wanted to travel in style.

You will see me in denims to ultra-feminine dresses, street style shorts accessorized with lot of junk jewellery. Iam actually not a jewellery girl,but I got inspired from a very close friend of mine who has amazing collection of funky and girly jewellery. I was and Iam really obsessed with the pink shoes I picked up from an online store dhgate.com,very stylish and comfy.I have styled these shoes with almost all my outfits. I ordered for 2 more of the same kind ofcourse with a different colour after i got back.


And about the handbag,I picked it from zara. Its a very casual yet formal white open tote bag with a small pouch inside.It doesnt have any divisions or zips. Plus the funky glasses you see is again from zara. Yeah yeah right, Iam obsessed with zara as well :). I kinda liked the crazy yet classy look it gives 🙂

There you go. The Megha Europe travel look is done 😉

dsc_0896     dsc_0558